Your Baby

Stop and think about how you want your baby welcomed into the world. Peacefully with kindness and love. That is homebirth. 

Baby Whisperer

Nickie is dedicated to taking the best care of you and your baby that she possibly can. The first two weeks of  postpartum care is done in the comfort of your home. 

Water Birth

There is no place like home to give birth!

Prenatal care is done in my Northfield, MN. office. The birth team gathers at your home at 36 weeks to prepare for welcoming your sweet baby. After the homevisit, we meet back at my office weekly until your baby is born.                 Please feel free to call Nickie for a no obligation meeting.


Traditional Midwifery care, which includes Complete Pregnancy, Home Birth and Postpartum Care, Newborn Care and Assessment, which includes the Newborn Metabolic Screen, the CCHD and the Hearing Screen. VBAC, Water Birth, Twins, Breech, Lactation Counseling, Nutrition Guidance and Assessment, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release,  Abdominal Massage, Menopause Support, Community Resources and Placenta Medicine.  Nickies Naturals Herbal Apothecary products will also be available for purchase at the office in Northfield. Call for more information. 

Water birth is a peaceful way to welcome your baby and helps relieve the pressure of the contractions.